Dead but not gone

Yes, both the site and the chat have been dead for a few years. And i can honestly say that i dont know if it will even come back at all. but if you guys really want it back, i’ll try my best to bring it back, but with high school and a social life, im not sure i will be on that much at all. So there you have it. 

Until next time ~kamaria42


AHL to continue with hybrid icing until NHL play resumes


On Tuesday, the American Hockey League announced it would extend its trial period of hybrid icing.

From the AHL website:

American Hockey League President and Chief Executive Officer David Andrews announced today that the league’s Board of Governors has voted to continue the current test of AHL Rule 82 (“Icing”) until the resumption of play in the National Hockey League, at which time it will be reconsidered by the AHL Board.

At the request of the National Hockey League, the AHL Board of Governors in June approved a test of a variation of Rule 82 that, in the event of a potential icing violation, completes the play should a defending player be the first to reach the end zone face-off dots and provided the puck will cross the goal line at that point.

In late October, Andrews spoke with The Sporting News about the implementation of hybrid icing and…

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Xat And Viruses

Hello. Today I’ve heard about the virus that hit the FBI and other people. Tt must of hit xat because xat is down. Please go to to check if your safe. I don’t care if your parents checked. I want u to check to. I don’t know when xat will be up again but I hope it’s soon. Please tell me if u have the virus or not. Thank you.

The Academy is BACK!

HELLO MY SUBJECTS! IT IS I! KAMARIA125! I AM NOW KNOWN AS KAMARIA42! THE ACADEMY IS BACK! But I need my teachers and the students back. I will be asking some of my old friends if they would like to be teachers.  Some might be retired, but they are great. That’s all I have to say for now. BAI!